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The Minimizer design features a 26” tank clearance, lower hose trays and a massive reduction to the tanks center of gravity. All while keeping both a standard kingpin height and the standard height of rear connections.

Based on studies from University of Michigan, it is determined the greatest way to avoid or minimize tanker rollovers is by adjusting the center of gravity for the trailer.

Lowering the center of gravity by just 3” reduces rollovers by 12% and lowering 8” reduces it by 30%. Our center of gravity is 15.5" lower than the industry standard 130 BBL vacuum tankers. We’ve also increased the track width by 6” which will reduce the chance of a rollover by another 17%. These factors positively affect the cost of lives, time and money by minimizing the risk involved and creating a safer environment for transport.

26" Tank Clearance
Vacuum Pump Models
Lower Hose Trays (45" instead of 55")
Liquid Level Indication System
Standard Height Rear Connections
Hose Hooks
Full 102" Track Width
Epoxy, Ceramic or FRP Lined
Center Of Gravity Reduction
Custom Paint Color
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