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VT-5500 Off-Road Vacuum Truck

Our Off-Road Vacuum Tanks are built to last in harsh environments and can handle large payloads. The tank can be customized to meet your needs in a variety of sizes. The tank shown has a capacity of 5,500 gallons. It loads/unloads with a Masport Cobra vacuum pump that moves 532 CFM of air to make quick work of the largest jobs.


The tank comes standard with the ability to tilt the tank for solids removal, open/close the rear head and even unlatch/latch the rear head hydraulically from inside the cab. This eliminates the need for an operator to be 15 feet in the air to open wing closures on the rear head. This design eliminates the fall risk associated with opening the head and significantly decreases the amount of time required to empty the tank.

This unit is designed to be operated from the control cabin. The vacuum pump is equipped with a hydraulic selector valve to simplify the operation. The driver can switch the pump from vacuum to pressure once the tank is full to pressure unload the product at rates up to 1,000 gallons per minute.

Off-Road hydraulic selector valve.jpg
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before mount
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