80 BBL Vac Tank

This End Opening 80 BBL Code Vacuum Tank is coming along nicely!

New Tailgate Feature

We are so excited to show off our newest feature! This new feature is on select bodies with a high lift tailgate – it allows a user to operate the tailgate with a single user input to open or close the tailgate using a standard tailgate latch valve. 

Dump Body Comparison

Another example of Tiger Manufacturing’s quality craftmanship. Check out the comparison between our Dump Body and one of our competitors. Locally made, locally serviced.

Paint Options

You know most dump beds come in black and white, but did you know that Tiger’s other standard color is red? Our experienced paint department brings out the color on all Tiger’s projects. Just look at that shine in the video below!!

Water Tank Walk Around

Check out this walk around on a Tiger Manufacturing 2,000 Gallon Water Tank. Shown is our 5-spray, hydraulic-driven system.

Water Tanks

Locally made, locally serviced. Quickly outfit your truck with a Tiger Mfg. Water Tank and Mounting Kit. We have 2,000 or 4,000 gallon tanks available. Not only is a hydraulic drive standard, but each tank also comes with 5-spray and gravity systems, formed heads and baffles, and self-loading pump with priming standpipe.

Water Cannon Part 1

Check out this 6x6 water truck with a water cannon we are working on.

Water Cannon Part 2

Another amazing custom project. Check out this Tiger 5-spray system with water cannon, and gravity bar option.


Tiger Manufacturing does so much more than just manufacture water tanks and dump trucks! We were recently part of a restoration project for a downtown building. As a fun side project, we built this custom set of stairs. What a beautiful transformation!

Minimizer Vacuum Tank

When safety matters, choose the vacuum trailer with the lowest center of gravity which minimizes rollover risk. This safety design includes 102” track width, +3% increased tank capacity, lower hose trays for easy loading, and an easy to reach blowdown line.

Custom Dump Truck Part 2

We are getting close to wrapping up this amazing project! Here are a few pictures from the reassembly stage.

Custom Dump Truck Part 3

Our newest dump truck project is complete!  Not only is this truck built for anything that can be thrown at it, but it’s also built with extensive safety features to ensure human error is limited.

Tiger Bobtail Vacuum Tanks

Our Bobtail Vacuum Tanks are available and ready to be tailored for your business needs. Customizations include external paint, internal coatings, and pumps.

Custom Dump Truck Part 1

Here's a sneak peek of our newest dump truck project. This beast is 23 feet long, has fold down sides, and includes push/tag axles to achieve maximum capacity. 

Tiger CNC Roll

We can roll plate up to 10'-0" wide and capabilities of up to 5/8" thick. Our Water Tanks and Dump Beds are CNC programmed to speed up the process; other profiles are also available.

Tiger Minimizer

What makes a minimizer with a vacuum pump better? Two vacuum pumps with simultaneous operation. How fast can your trailer load?

Tiger Driveline Weld

With our certified welders we get a great weld every time, far surpassing competitors. Check out this beautiful driveshaft weld!

Tiger Driveline Balance

We test and balance every driveshaft we build! We can balance, repair or shorten your driveshaft along with building you a new or custom driveline.

Tiger Torchmate Table

Watching our Torchmate Table at work is absolutely mesmerizing! It can cut plates up to 4" thick!

Tiger Plasma Table

From cutouts to welding Tiger Mfg can handle it all! Our Multicam Plasma Table offers 10'-0" x 40'-0" sheet capabilities with thickness's up to 1" (pierce) and a 1 1/2" edge cut. Our skilled technicians can fit-up and weld all processes including MIG, TIG, SAW, and ALUM.

Tiger Water Tank

Tiger Water Tank Demonstration

Tiger Water Tank Walk Around

Check out this walk around on a Tiger Manufacturing 2,000 Gallon Water Tank. Shown is our 5-spray, hydraulic-driven system.