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Product Showcase

Our products are always of the highest quality, but what truly sets us apart are the additional features we offer. We take pride in providing our clients with access to a team of experienced technicians and a range of professional resources. With these tools at our disposal, we're confident that we can deliver an exceptional experience to each and every of our customers.

Contact us for a complete catalog of all specifications and customization options.

Off-Road Vacuum Truck

Our Off-Road Vacuum Tanks are built to last in harsh environments and can handle large payloads. The tank size can be customized to meet the needs of your toughest jobs. The tank shown has a capacity of 5,500 gallons. It loads/unloads with a Masport Cobra vacuum pump that moves 532 CFM of air to make quick work of any job.

Mini Vacuum Trailer

Our new line of 17 bbl Mini-Vac bumper pull systems are ready to serve all your environmental clean-up needs. Our tank is conveniently mounted on a bumper pull trailer and powered with a DEUTZ diesel engine and a Massport vacuum pump. 

DOT 412 Chemical Trailers

Our DOT 412 compliant tanker has a 5,000-gallon capacity with a 2,000-gallon front and 3,000-gallon rear split. It features a UHMW manway with a fiberglass drip pan, Ridewell air ride suspension, and 22,500 lb. axles with ABS. The tanker comes standard with roll-over rails, hose racks, a driver side walkway and lots more.

DOT 412 Twin Acid Tanks

Our Twin 420/750 Gallon Tanks meet DOT 412 specs and comes with Tnemec 390 interior coating, 3" flanged Girard venting with Teflon lining and overturn protection covers. These tanks can come mounted to a plate for your flatbed, or with two cradle mounts.

70 and 80 bbl Non-Code Vacuum Truck

These tanks is designed with a 20" manway on top and rear head, rotary float gauge rear head, and combination full-length fender/hose tray. It has a Garnet SeeLevel setup and can handle tough jobs with a design pressure of 25 PSIG internal/full vacuum external.

DOT 407-412/SP12516 Composite FRP Trailer

Our tanks come in single, double, or triple compartment, while meeting DOT 407-412 specs. They can easily handle some of the harshest chemicals to meet your needs.

Bodyload Kill Trucks
and Kill Tractors

Please call for complete specification and customization options.

Pickup/Laydown Truck

Our Pickup/Laydown Truck is equipped with a powerful 50 series or 30 series winch. Allowing it to efficiently move the heaviest of loads. Additionally its roller assembly, lightweight grating and hydraulic rake system ensure that loading and unloading are done smoothly.

T660 ASME Pneumatic
Bulk Trailer

Our T660 ASME Pneumatic Bulk Trailer is the ultimate solution for your heavy-duty transportation needs. Featuring a manifold 4” fill, 5” discharge suction union and single point suspension with a 50,000 lb spring. With a maximum pressure of 36 PSIG from -20°F to 250°F, the trailer guarantees safety and efficiency with every job

Custom Transfer/Charge Pump Trailer

Our custom transfer/charge pump trailer is the ideal solution for moving large volumes of fluids quickly and easily. With a Gorman Rupp 10 x 8 centrifugal pump, twin disc PTO clutch transmission and sucker cooling system, this trailer is designed to provide reliable performance. 

Tubing Testing Truck

Please call for complete specification and customization options.

Frac Tank Mover Truck

Our Frac Tank Mover Truck is the ultimate tool for the task at hand. A RUFNECK RN-50 winch paired with an Intelliguard controller, hydraulic driven planetary and full square tubing headache rack give you everything you need to move any tanks.

Hot Oil Truck

Get the job done right with our Hot Oil Truck. Equipped with a Heat Exchange System and a Tee 5 Gardner Denver High Pressure Pump, this truck is the ultimate solution for all your hot oil needs. With a 75 bbl round service tank, low and high pressure manifolds and load circulating pump, our hot oil truck is designed to work as hard as you do.

Gel Slurry Trailer

Invest in our gel slurry trailer, the solution to your transportation needs. Its impressive capacity of 4,000 gallons is complemented by features such as four hydraulic driven augers, 2" micro motion flow meter and two 18" Clay & Bailey manways on top. Supported by Ridewell air ride with two 25,000 lb. axles, ensuring that your cargo is in safe hands.

High-Pressure Chemical Pumping Truck

The high-pressure chemical pumping truck is exactly what you need for your toughest chemical jobs. Our Triplex high-pressure pump can produce up to 10K PSI of pressure and comes equipped with hydraulic-driven charge and mixing pumps. 

DOT 407/412, 70 and 80 bbl Code Vacuum Truck

These vacuum trucks are an industry workhorse, built for ASME Code DOT 407/412 compliance, with a design pressure of 25 PSIG internal/full vacuum external. It comes equipped with two 20" manways on top, a rotary float gauge rear head and the tank setup for Garnet SeeLevel. Make sure you have the right equipment to handle the next job.

ESP Trailer

Tiger's ESP Spool Trailers are purpose built in-house and are not modified from a stock trailer. This design tactic allows for a lower center of gravity to mitigate rollover potential. With a 30K lb. GVWR, 18K lb. per axle capacity, spool sizes up to 84" diameter and 62" wide, our trailers will get any job done. 

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