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Treater Trucks

Single Axle Treater Truck

30 or 50 BBL Stainless Steel Flush Tank, Carbon or Stainless Steel 6 or 12 Pack Configurations, Hydraulic Drive Standard, Stainless Steel Fluid End Triplex Pump, Viking L124, Driver’s side Controls & Hose Rack, Stainless Steel Valves & Plumbing Come Standard, (2) Flow Meters, Rear Steps With Handrails To Tank Manway, (2) 24"X24" Toolboxes.


Please call for complete specifications, options, and packages.

Six Pack Units

(6) 60 Gallon Chemical Tanks. Sight Glasses: Air Open and Close Sight Glass Valves, Protected by Steel Guards, Decals for Level Indication in 1 Gallon Increments. Clay & Bailey 3-1/2" Vent in Each Tank. Valves and Plumbing: All Stainless Steel, UHMW Hose from Manifold to Tank Outlets.

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